Text Game Maker JS

Text Game Maker JS is a JavaScript library to make text games for web browsers. It can create a console-like HTML5 canvas on a web browser, print text on it and get user's inputs.

Text Game Maker JS is good to coding practice and game making practice.

  1. It uses a limited grid system so object position related code can be simpler.
  2. You don't need graphic resources so you can focus more on the algorithm.
  3. The creation can be executed in any OS with a JavaScript supported web browser.
  4. It's easy to share with internet because it'a web program.

Games made using Text Game Maker JS

Tetris: Click here(new tab)

How to use

Download the latest text-game-maker-js-starter-program.zip from https://github.com/a-mean-blogger/text-game-maker-js/releases.

These are the files in the zip file.

  • text-game-maker-x.x.x.min.js(x.x.x is version numbers): The main library of Text Game Maker JS. The every object of Text Game Maker JS is in TM object.
  • index.html: Preset html file to use Text Game Maker JS code.
  • main.js: This is the file that will has codes. It has a sample text print code.
  • readme.txt: readme file.

Open the starter program by double-clicking index.html

The black screen part is the main canvas to print texts and debugging data are showing under it.

The current codes to generate the screen and debugging info are in main.js. Add your JavaScript code to main.js to create your own text program.


Learn how to use Text Game Maker JS making a sample game. Click here


See all objects of Text Game Maker JS. Click here

Source Code

Github: https://github.com/a-mean-blogger/text-game-maker-js


MIT license

Copyright 2017 [email protected]


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